Water Filters


North State Water Treatment works with many types of water filtration systems, components, configurations and companies.  Our recommendation is based on your unique situation, your well, your soils, any test results you may have had in the past and current lab results. 

Why Filtration may be needed:

  • Pathogen Removal

  • Pesticide and Chemical Removal

  • Reducing Minerals

  • Lowering Chlorine Levels

  • Sediment Removal

  • Removing Lead and Copper



The location of your well can have a direct influence on what chemicals to test for in your water. These can include, but are not limited to, bacteria, metals, and nitrate.

Since 2002, the State of California has tested over 1,000 private domestic wells. The following list of chemicals and test methods highlights chemicals we have found and their associated laboratory testing method. This list is provided as assistance for your decision making process only.