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Water Contaminants

Every day, millions of people around the world rely on public and private water sources. Little do many know, there are many common contaminants in water, even the water that comes directly from treatment plants. Even though municipal water treatment plants remove particulates to clean the water, most of these plants add chlorination chemicals to kill bacteria and viruses. Not only are these chemicals harmful to these micro-organisms (microbes), but they are also harmful to us. Neither the chemicals, nor the dead bacteria are removed from the water before it reaches us.

Furthermore, treatment plants do not remove the traces of industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals that are increasingly finding their way into our water ways, and into our bodies through our drinking water, let alone the fire contaminants that currently plague us.

This is putting everyone at risk for sickness and disease. Even though it’s not mentioned in the mainstream media very often, if at all, cancer rates are at epidemic levels today, and they are increasing. Below are two charts of common chemical contaminants in water. They are increasingly finding their way into our water supplies.

North State Water Treatment is currently in the process of researching the best RO System for your current situation.  Please contact us for more information.  We will want to know more about your well depth, where your pump is located in the well - if you know this information. We will also want to know if you were directly or indirectly affected by the fire. 

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