Water Quality Advisory from

Paradise Irrigation District - After the Camp Fire

Paradise Irrigation District (PID) would like to answer as many of our resident’s questions as possible regarding the benzene contamination. We will continue to update this section of our website to provide more information as we learn more throughout the process. 

The information below was developed by the Paradise Irrigation District for Paradise residents and DOES NOT INCLUDE INFORMATION FOR MAGALIA RESIDENTS.

Until a thorough investigation is complete, we urge the public to promptly report any noticeable odors or smells in the water supply to (530) 342-3101. And to continue to use bottled water only for drinking, cooking and brushing teeth. The health and safety of our customers are of utmost concern for the District, we highly recommend the following:

DO NOT drink your tap water. ONLY use bottled water. Bottled water should be used for:

  • all drinking (including baby formula and juice),

  • brushing teeth,

  • making ice,

  • and food preparation.

  • DO NOT try and treat the water yourself. Because of the nature of the potential water contamination, boiling or disinfecting your water will not make it safe to drink.


  • Do not allow pets or livestock to consume tap water.

  • Limit use of hot water.

  • Limit shower time (use lukewarm water and ventilate area).

  • Use a dishwasher to wash dishes and use air dry setting.

  • Wash clothing in cold water.

  • Do not take baths.

  • Do not use hot tubs or swimming pools.

  • Limit use of water for clean-up of properties and follow Butte County recommendations for protective clothing when on property (https://buttecountyrecovers.org/re-entry)



All Testing Results (Link to data file)   

Water Quality Test Results & Next Steps   

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