Water Testing And Water Treatment 

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Specializing in Small Public Water Systems

Kevin McGrath is a D-2 and T-2 Certified Water Operator. Kevin specializes in small public water systems and residential water testing. Kevin works with State of California Water Regulators to keep your water system in compliance.  He has access to certified labs that work with him to complete specialized water sampling. With the test results he then analyzes the specific issue that your system is experiencing, and advises as to the best manner in which to address your particular issue.  NSWT staff then upload all of the required documentation to ensure that your system is in compliance with all of the regulatory requirements. 

Our Services

We offer a variety of technical well water testing and treatment services :

  • Bacteriological Sample Sitting Plans

  • Emergency Notification Plans

  • Consumer Confidence Reports

  • Technical, Managerial, and Financial (TMF) Assessments

  • Emergency Response Plans

  • Well Inspections

  • Site Inspections

  • and other items as needed by our clients.

Our Responsibility

As a State of California certified Well Testing, Treatment and Distribution Operator, it is our responsibility to complete visual inspections, maintain a site plan, handle chemical supplies, oversee collection of specified water samples, conduct water system inspections and monitor and accurately record water quantities removed from the site.  In addition, we will attend all inspections, respond quickly to concerns, monitor all repairs and attend training programs. If there is ever an issue it is our responsibility to notify the owner immediately.