Why should I filter my water?

My water tastes fine.  However, what you don't taste in your drinking water CAN hurt you. Filtering water for personal use is now a necessity for a healthy living. The quality of water supply we use contains contaminants which pose threat to our health. There are many companies that provide water filtration solutions and you can choose from a variety of water filters fit for your use. There are many considerations in choosing the best fit water filter depending on your needs, supply line factors, contaminates present in your area.  


North State Water Treatment uses State of-the-Art Water Treatment Technology that does not need to be serviced monthly, no salt, no monthly rental fees, these systems are affordable, US made and have parts that can be obtained easily, reasonably and quickly if needed.

There are a lot of inexpensive Chinese treatment systems available; many are no longer in business making it difficult to obtain parts making servicing a challenge.  Some competitors choose not to give you product choices and promote their own brands. These often come with expensive monthly service contracts.  Understand your choices, the specific problem you are trying to solve and we will help to determine the best system for you at the best possible price.