Wildfires Can Cause Water Contamination

Using Santa Rosa as an example, benzene levels persisted for months, the City of Santa Rosa will be replacing up to 500 service lines at a cost of $3.4 million and supplying activated-charcoal filters to affected residents to ensure benzene levels fall below California’s limit of 1 ppb for drinking water.  The issues faced in Paradise are far worse than those faced in Santa Rosa. The likelihood of this and other issues being dealt with quickly is pretty unrealistic.  It is understood that the benzene is likely to be the first of other water quality concerns. 

If you have insurance - please check and see if your insurance will cover the cost of installing a whole house water filtration system.  This is the most expeditious means of ensuring safe water use and consumption.  

North State Water Treatment 

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The photo shows a unit that was recently installed.  Installation cost is dependent on the needs of the site.  Please contact us to schedule a site visit.

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