About North State Water Treatment

North State Water Treatment Services has been providing water testing consultation for over 12 years.  Founded by Craig Poundstone 2005, Craig sold his business to Kevin McGrath in 2017.  Kevin is State of California Certified as a D-2 and T2 Operator.  Kevin has lived and worked in the Chico area for over 20 years. He and the staff of North State Water Treatment look forward to working with you on your water service need

Competitive Pricing.

North State Water Treatment Services understands the importance of offering fair prices and honest assessment of any issues that may arise during a water treatment service call.  We pledge to not only carefully explain the laboratory findings, but we will also explore all of the viable options that you have for addressing your water concerns.  We are NOT promoting our proprietary products at your expense.


Locally Owned.

Owner, Kevin McGrath has both been long time North State resident.  Kevin is the Technical Operator and will be overseeing all of the water sample collection. He is the County and State interface and will work directly with the client to resolve any positive lab findings.  Kevin has lived in both Chico and Durham for close to 20 years.  


PJ Shepard is the office manager.  She will oversee all of the billing, technical reports, and does the scheduling.  She has lived in the North State for over 20 years.  PJ has been heavily involved in Butte County water issues for several years.